Harley Academy
A Whaly success story


  • 5 data sources connected: Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads
  • 3 teams interacting on reports and metrics: Sales, Marketing, E-commerce
  • Upper acquisition funnel (Paid Ads, Google Analytics) is reconciled with their Lower funnel (Hubspot, Woocomerce) to get the full visibility of their acquisition spectrum


Harley Academy is the UK's leading healthcare service provider. It provides different services through 3 brands:
  1. Harley Academy provides aesthetic medicine training for doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives
  2. The Academy Clinic provides affordable anti wrinkle, dermal fillers and skin treatments where the patients are cosmetic models for training at Harley Academy
  3. STORY provides accessible anti wrinkle, dermal fillers and skin treatments administered by Harley Academy trained practitioners

The Challenge

Managing different business lines can be challenging. Especially since the Digital Marketing team at Harley Academy is cross entities.

Their acquisition channels are spread over multiple tools (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Multiples websites, Hubspot, Woocommerce) and building metrics such as Marketing ROI and Customer Acquisition Cost was requiring multiple connexions between those data sources.

As Harley Academy is built around transparency, they wanted their acquisition metrics to be shared with all their collaborators and manually combining data every week on Excel wasn’t an option.

Their existing solution was built around Google Data Studio and Supermetrics and it wasn’t scaling anymore as some metrics couldn’t be defined due to the limitations of those tools.

Hence, the real cost of acquisition per channel, customer and campaign was not properly tracked and shared.

Finally, Harley was planning to use a healthcare specific CRM that wasn’t supported by their previous reporting stack, so they were looking for a solution that could adapt to their stack changes.


Harley Academy leverages the full scope capabilities of Whaly to cover the whole data spectrum, from the collection, to modeling and reporting.

Combining the data from all their acquisition tools to model custom metrics, such as an exhaustive cost of acquisition, is now possible. Whaly also delivered Drill down abilities to understand what campaigns and channels have the most impact on the sales activity.

Since Whaly is simple and no-code, the marketing team is also independent here. No need to type SQL queries or ask for help from the tech team.

Finally, it was possible to build and share different reports with the 3 business lines while giving the right level of access to everyone.


In less than a month, Harley Academy was able to migrate all their acquisition reporting dashboards while also building metrics that were impossible to measure previously.

Giving tools to the Marketing team to configure in a no-code way complex metrics gave them the ability to scale their reporting and to precisely measure what they needed.

Sharing their metrics with their whole company improved their visibility on all of their business lines and made data a company game, not a solo one.
Company Size
"We are now able to get all our marketing and sales data in one place, to share it to all our colleagues, while being able to precisely define our important metrics."
Katherine Traver
Digital Marketing Manager, Harley Academy