Whaly is built with security in mind

We comply with local regulators to ensure the privacy for our users. That’s why we are proud to say that we are GDPR and CCPA compliant. You can read our statement here and there. We also are in the process of getting SOC2 certified and are working closely with the authorities to getting the certification.
GDPR Compliance
We completed a thourough audit to ensure that we are compliant with GDPR policies.
CCPA Compliance
We completed a thourough audit to ensure that we are compliant with California privacy laws.
We are already applying all principles from the SOC II certification are are currently in the process of getting certified with an independent regulator.
Secure by design
Whaly natively integrates with your own data warehouse. When plugged in to Whaly, you can manage your data warehouse directly within Whaly. Import tables that are already stored within your warehouse or create new tables from scratch, you are the master.
Encryption is vital to keeping your data safe, so Whaly encrypts all your data at rest and in flight. We use SSL connection when possible and TLS for all network request.
We don’t store your company data in our premises and our infrastructure run on world class premises using battle tested open source technologies.
We ensure that no employee has access to production data, nor access to production server. Therefore, you are the sole owner of your data.
Benoit Prigent
Benoit Prigent
Co Founder / CPO @ Lokki
Whaly helped us create metrics on top of 6 data sources in a matter of days instead of months without technical knowledge required !!
Edouard Mascré
Edouard Mascré
Co Founder @ Pennylane
We leveraged Whaly on the Sales team to build and share dashboards with ton of partners without having to continuously update things on many spreadsheets. It also gives us deeper insights on sales activity. The dashboards built can be shared with everyone in the company. Whaly saves us hours of data wrangling every day.
Benjamin Cambier
Benjamin Cambier
Co Founder @ Mansa
Mansa grew really fast in the past months and we were in urge of more precise metrics, especially for acquisition and deals analysis. Our engineering team was already swamped so we started our data analysis with Whaly. We compute our CAC per acquisition channel and understood at what stage the pipeline is under performing in minutes.
Quentin Lebret
Quentin Lebret
VP Operations @ Klox
Whaly gave us the tools to understand how our users consume our product and helped us create a better experience for our users.
Julio Cesar Rodriguez
Julio Cesar Rodriguez
Operation Automation Specialist @ Career Karma
Whaly helped us create actionable experience for our SDR based on data our data team has prepped for us in dbt.
Hugo Cornu
Hugo Cornu
Head of Growth @ Klox
Whaly helped us transform the way we work with data. We now back all our decision with data and can make informed decisions at any time