Changelog - December 2021

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Changelog - December 2021

Christmas has never been that close 🌲 and our development team has been packing up features for you to discover under the Christmas tree. This month has been focus on giving you the ability to get more insights from your data.

✨ Chart customization

Chart customization

In order for you to deliver better dashboards than ever, we have created a whole new way to format your data. You can now customize your series the way it makes sense for you and make your number pop !

  • Heatmap: We have added a brand new chart that you can customize to your needs. You can now reorder manually the categories if they are not display in the order that make sense for you.
  • Palette: Choose your own palette or create a custom one in order to match your data to your brand colors.
  • Multi-Axis: Assign any series to any axis and create dashboards that mix data that are not on the same scale. You can also now rename the axis the way you want.
  • Serie customization: Manually select the color you want for each series or choose the best way to represent your data between a line, a bar or an area chart.

🛠 Workbench Improvements

Data discovery

The workbench is the heart of our product and our goal is to make sure that there is nothing you cannot do while using it. Therefore we made the following improvements:

  • 🤖 Data discovery: We know it could be cumbersome sometimes to discover how the underlying data is structured. Now when clicking on a column header on the workbench you'll get a better sense of what you can expect from the data to look like.
  • SQL Improvement: We have made adjustment to our SQL editor so it gets easier to iterate on your SQL query.
  • Table Organization: We give you the capability to organize your data the way you want by allowing you to create folders that can contain tables directly. You can also import your tables directly from your warehouse without asking us anymore !

🤖 Other Improvements

  • We have made our connector more resilient and fault tolerant so that your data always stay fresh
  • We have released a brand new integration with Postgres that works on all the cloud provider over there
  • We have released our new support channel on intercom, so don't hesitate to reach out to us on this channel

Stay tuned next month for more improvements, we are still working on a few surprises.

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