Changelog November 2022

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Changelog November 2022

Happy days of total darkness by 4:45pm! 🌘 it's that time of year when motivation is extra tough because it feels like midnight when your last Zoom call ends. Never fear, the holidays are in sight, and we have another issue of Whaly's Product & Marketing Newsletter to help you finish the year data-driven and strong.

🛠 Explorations in Workbench

We’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced our Exploration experience for builders!

What’s changed?

  • You can now Create and Edit Explorations in the Workbench tool for builders - not just the Workspace (Exploration layer)
  • The Explorations now allow for multiple changes before saving

Why did we do this?

  • We’re all about creating tailored experiences for our two audiences - the Workbench for data teams, and the Workspace for business teams. This is meant to drive efficiencies across both experiences when it comes to Explorations.
  • The option to make multiple changes allows builders to iterate at a faster pace, make changes in bulk, and be more productive.

📆 Improved Date Picker

We’ve improved our Data Picker so that it’s now easier than ever to select relative periods with precision. For example, “previous 30 days excluding current days.”

We now support hour-based selection as well, which means that you can display data across hourly periods, like from 6:00am to 1:00pm. Lastly, the readability for the selected period is easier on the eyes.

📈 Platform Usage Panel

"Who’s using Whaly at our company? How is adoption looking?" Now, there’s a way to find out!

We’ve released a Platform Usage Dashboard that enables you to understand and track your data adoption progress at your organization. You can now monitor activity in terms of data consumption.

As our mission is data adoption and company-wide trust in data, we’re thrilled that this dashboard will enable you to make progress in the right direction.

🎭 Impersonation

Admins now have the ability to impersonate users from their org. This is useful for understanding which users have access to what, in order to debug their experience. This will also allow you to resolve any issues or tickets faster.

🪄 Various Improvements

  • Snowflake Connector: Improved numeric management, as well as formulas in Flow
  • MariaDB / SQL Source: Added better support for specific column types
  • LinkedIn Ads Source - Added conversion table
  • HubSpot Source - Added Call Engagement table
  • Chart Improvements - Added Vertical Funnels

📣 Product Hunt Launch

Our Connector Catalog - the free online resource for finding your ETL connectors - will be launching on Product Hunt on Tuesday, December 6th. We will be following up with the link tomorrow on launch day, and would really appreciate your support! 🙏🏻 Thank you in advance.

Edit: here is the link

💡 Marketing Resources

  • Why your CRM shouldn't compete with your data warehouse: do you feel like there's friction between RevOps and your data teams? This clash stems from the fact that CRMs are often seen as the "single source of truth" for revenue teams. Read our take on how to align both teams, and how your CRM and data warehouse both serve importance purposes.
  • Evolve your Modern Data Stack - How a focus on Business Intelligence + Decision Intelligence can unlock greater business value: a joint collaboration between Whaly and Kausa on why it's critical to focus on the "last mile" of the Data Analytics Marathon, to ensure data-backed insights that lead to action.

If you have any topics that you'd like to see covered, please feel free to reach out! We're always open to new ideas that you would find valuable:

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