Changelog April 2023

What's Up at Whaly over the past couple months. Read our April 2023 Product Newsletter.

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Changelog April 2023

Hope your data projects have been blossoming this past month! 🌸 we've been hard at work improving the Whaly platform to ensure that your BI projects are 1) more complete, 2) more organized, and 3) more impressive for your external partners. Check out the latest updates in this month's Product Newsletter:

🏑 Multi-Warehouse Support

You can now connect multiple warehouses to Whaly, which allows you to chart data coming from multiple databases and ensure that your data projects are complete. Even if you have a multi-tenant architecture, you are now able to connect all your databases to Whaly and run queries against any of this data.

For example, you can:

  • Leverage your analytics database for an internal use case
  • Leverage your product read replica for external Portal or Embedded use cases

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πŸ—‚ Model Folders

Did you know that on average, each org on Whaly has 300 models? That's a lot, and it's easy for models to get lost or messy!

As of today, you're now able to organize your models in folders to better structure and collaborate around your data projects.

We're empowering you to follow data management best practices by organizing your models by:

  • Function / team (Finance, Ops, Marketing),
  • Quality (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Both, or by other categories

Start using Model folders to ensure scalable data practices, organized collaboration, and success!

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πŸ•΅ Partner Portal Impersonation

Last month, we rolled out Partner Portals, which allows you to share data to your partners and external stakeholders.

Now, we've enabled impersonation for Partner Portals. By "impersonating" and understanding what certain external users can see and can't see, you can easily debug your Row-Level Access and anticipate any issues your external stakeholders and partners might encounter.

This can help deliver an even more exceptional experience to your partners.

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✨Other Improvements

  • Sign-up / Sign-in: The overall flow and experience for new users and existing sign-ins has been revamped to better guide you through the Whaly platform. Sign up here!
  • HubSpot Connector: We've improved our support for custom objects within HubSpot
  • Snowflake: We now support case-sensitive columns and tables
  • Treemap and Sunburst Charts: Fixed some issues that led to app crashing, it should now be up and running
  • Facebook Connector: We've upgraded to the most recent API

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Thousands of users rely on Whaly every day to monitor and improve their revenue. Join them now!

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