Changelog August 2022

Summer 2022 Changelog and Product Updates, August Edition

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Changelog August 2022

How is August already ending? We hope you've all been enjoying your summers and some well-deserved holidays. ☀️ we're back in action with another Product Newsletter showcasing some useful new features! 🐳

Plus, we'll start including a round-up of our latest blog articles & relevant marketing activity at the bottom of each newsletter, to provide you with further data learnings.💡

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🥳 Push to your favorite tools

Leverage our Push feature to send data out of Whaly to any of your external tools. You can schedule the Push to your preferred time, and even automate your Google Sheets or Airtable with data from Whaly. This means you can work with data in the tools that suit you best, while ensuring that it's all reliably coming from your company's single source of truth (your Whaly BI). Push can also be used to schedule screenshot exports, to inform collaborators on goals and status, and keep everyone on track.

🧭 Simplified Exploration that lets you do more

You can now simply Drag & Drop to specify your metrics and dimensions, reorder them, and easily set up your query. It's never been easier to ask a question on Whaly.

📊 New chart capabilities:

  • Maps - Chart geo data to better understand which location drives revenue
  • Formatting - Format numbers and time the way you want, customized to fit your business terminology and preferences
  • Metrics & Dimensions - Creating metrics and dimensions is now super simple, and easy to specify with our Drag & Drop

🚨 Connector alerts & Logs

Monitor your pipeline directly within Whaly. Get an alert whenever your data is stale, and investigate further into your pipeline by looking at the logs.

🔗 New sources:

  • Qonto - Explore your Qonto data in Whaly to reconcile your customer acquisition cost or burn rate
  • Brex - Get a grasp on your Brex data in Whaly for cash management and financial insights
  • Intercom - Leverage your intercom data to better understand your customers
  • Salesloft - Get clear visibility into your prospecting efforts

💡 Latest blog posts:

If you have any topics that you'd like to see covered, please feel free to reach out! We're always open to new ideas that you would find valuable:

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