Changelog - February 2022

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Changelog - February 2022

We decided to do feature January instead of dry January and delivered a whole bunch of new features to improve your experience on Whaly.

If you are looking to create reusable reports for your customers or your partners the sharing link is here to help you. You can now create one sharing link for each of your stakeholders and protect them with a password if you need it. 🍒 on the ğŸŽ‚, you can also assign filter values to those links. Therefore you can show scoped data to your stakeholders on a dedicated link without having data leakage. Don't hesitate to contact us if you feel like it is a valuable feature for your partners or customers.

🛠 Performance Improvement

Performance improvement

We were hard at work this month to improve our platform performance. We did two major improvement. We improved our query latency time, and we are proud to announce that we have improved our query latency time by 7x ğŸŽ‰ ! We also improve the time it took to load a report on the interface by 4x 🐳 ! From now on your report are faster than ever ! 🚀

📊 Chart Improvements

Percentage stacked chart

Support drill down on charts for null values - When clicking on a value that is set as null you can now view related records in the drill down interface

Support stacked bar in time series - You can now use the pivot operator in a bar time serie.

Add chart options - You can now view your stacked chart in raw value or in percentage by selecting the percent option. You can also hide the legend for all charts and change the font size in a metric chart.

📜 New Documentation

Our new Product Specialist has been hard at work to cook you a very cool piece of documentation to help you create a single source of truth of your customers. We call it the customer 360 view. You can find the link to the documentation here and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you want help to implement this in your company.

🤖 Connectors Improvements

Pennylane - We have improved the amount of data synced from your Pennylane connector. You now have access to the entirety of what is stored in the Pennylane-Redshift integration!

Postgres - We have improved the synchronization speed for larger databases. You should be able to sync more frequently larger database of dozen of millions of records.

Aircall - We have added a whole new integration with Aircall, you can now sync your Aircall contacts as well as your calls and start measuring your call metrics.

WooCommerce - WooCommerce is a #1 open source project on top of wordpress for e-commerce, you can now sync your customers product and orders from your WooCommerce instance and start tracking your sales metrics.

Google Analytics - We have added the support for monthly reports, from now on you will have access to daily, weekly and monthly reports from Whaly.

Hubspot - We have added the support for custom objects in Hubspot, from now on you can sync your custom object within your data warehouse and create custom reporting on top of it.

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Thousands of users rely on Whaly every day to monitor and improve their revenue. Join them now!

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