Changelog - January 2022

Changelog - January 2022

Our team has taken well deserved Christmas vacations, but don't think that they haven't packed their gift under the Christmas tree !

🐳 A more productive experience

Revamped experience

We have totally revamped the report and exploration edition experience. From now on you can:

  • Inline Edit: In reports you can now directly edit a tile from the report page without leaving your working context. Change the options of your chart or customize your tile at your fingertips.
  • Inline explore: In reports you can now more easily edit your exploration without leaving your report.
  • Access the workbench from the exploration: From the exploration you can now easily switch from your exploration to your workbench and any changes made in one will reflect in the other.

We hope that all those changes will make you more productive than ever when you are creating or editing your dashboards. Our team has been able to test it out internally and we've seen that we are now 4x more productive !

🛠 Productivity Tools Integration

During december we released a whole new type of integration. You now have the capabilities to view your Whaly reports directly from:

We are planning on releasing more integrations, so stay tuned. And if you don't see the integration you are looking for in this list, please reach out so we can plan it and add it to our future releases.

🤖 Other Improvements

  • Hubspot connector improvement: We have added the support for traffic coming from Hubspot, so you create better marketing & acquisition reporting.
  • Pipedrive connector improvement: We have added the deal history table in our Pipedrive connector so you can better analyze your sales velocity and pipeline activities.
  • Improving boolean support: You now have access to more operators when dealing with boolean, not only you can filter on true or false but you can also filter on null values.