Changelog June 2023

What's Up at Whaly over the past couple months. Read our June 2023 Product Newsletter.

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Changelog June 2023

We hope you're enjoying the longer days as we head into summer! β˜€οΈ from brand new SQL Editor & Worksheets capabilities to revamped data import and dashboard filters, we have news for you! Check out the latest Whaly updates in this month's Product Newsletter:

πŸ”₯ Brand New State-of-the Art SQL Editor

We’ve redesigned our SQL Editor from the ground up to offer better autocomplete and formatting for your most complex SQL queries.

Our new SQL Editor allows you to perform SQL queries in the Workbench more efficiently - with the right formatting that will make it easier on the eyes. πŸ‘€

You can now rely on shortcuts and autocomplete to save time, so you can do more with your data!

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πŸ““ New Feature: Worksheets

Say hello to Worksheets ✏️! Our new feature that allows for data discovery in the Workbench. As the name implies, Worksheets helps you do more digging and better understand your data by enabling you to work on anything - even if it's not intended to be a finished job.

This is a game-changer because:

  • You can display column distributions and understand the shape of your data in no time
  • It gives you the ability to save ongoing work without publishing it as a finished job
  • Allows for temporary creations that are easier to iterate

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πŸͺ„ Revamped Data Import

We've revamped our data import assistant! It's never been easier to import your data. Quickly create and search for your sources no matter where they are, and get your data imported into Whaly in record time.

This way, you can save time and boost productivity in your modeling workflows.

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πŸ“Š Dashboard Filters Upgrade (V2)

A dashboard is only useful if people can efficiently filter and find the information they need.

We've been working hard on our dashboard filters, and have now released our V2. In this version, you can now link filters together to connect the suggestions. This is useful for when you want to give context to the values in your filters.

For example, region > country filtering can now easily be done in Whaly. You can also manually configure the suggestion limits to your own needs.

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✨ Other Improvements

  • Workbench UI - We've introduced a way to maintain all your selections while you are connected in the Workbench, maximizing your productivity and saving you time. Plus, the Workbench is now more responsive than ever!
  • Added Support for Nested Objects - We now support nested records on BigQuery.
  • New "Report Downloader" Role - A new user role is available, called: β€œReport Downloader." This role allows report viewers to also download the data at their convenience.
  • Display All values in User Attributes - You can now use * in User Attributes to display all values and remove filtering. This allows for easier debugging as well as better support capabilities for Builders.
  • Dashboard Subscriptions - Users can now subscribe to relevant dashboards in their own name. Admins can also administrate user subscriptions for any and all dashboards. This way, everyone can stay updated on dashboards that they care most about.
  • dbt Integration Improvement - It's now quicker and easier to import from dbt.

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