Changelog September 2022

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Changelog September 2022

“Wake me up when September ends.” 🎶 Just like that, we’re woken up by the fact that the air is crisp, and it’s definitely fall. 🍂 It’s been full-on at Whaly in our “back to school” mode! To get a glimpse into what we’ve been up to, check out our latest Product updates and Marketing resources below.

🛠 Revamped Workbench UX

We’ve been hard at work enhancing the Whaly experience for data analysts. Our Workbench is a tool that’s specifically dedicated to analysts, and is where they model out the data. We’ve made UX improvements within the Workbench for analysts / builders, by:

  • Offering a multi-tab experience to maximize productivity.
  • Providing the ability for analysts to better explore their data.

⚡️ Query Optimization

We’ve simplified and enhanced how you can run queries. Now,

  • You can control how your datasets are cached, so queries can be sped up.
  • You have the capabilities to materialize your queries as View or as Tables, allowing you to reuse your results in other tools. This way, you can also speed up query time.
  • We alert you when there are issues with materialization, so you’re always aware when your data is stale.

🌊 Flow Improvements

We have two new features in Flow within the Workbench.

  • Group by: You can now use the “Group By” function to categorize data from your initial set.
  • Union: Our “Union” function enables you to create combined tables, which can be handy for big marketing tables.

🔗 Selective Sync

Get a better understanding of how your data is synced through our connectors. Select which tables you want to sync, and how (Full table vs. Incremental).

💡 Marketing resources

  • Top 7 BI tools - Our take on why BI is important, what makes a good tool, and our list of top 7 on the market.
  • The Essential ETL Catalog - Check out our comprehensive ETL vendor database, including their respective sources, destinations, and connectors. We wanted to equip you with a guide to the ETL possibilities beyond Whaly’s connectors, to help your BI projects be the best they can be.
  • How to Deliver Data Experiences with a Data Mesh Mindset - Adopting a data mesh mindset is the first step to a data-driven organization. Next, learn how to deliver data experiences to your domain.
  • Spotlight on Revenue Operations - An interview with Manuel Passanha, Revenue Operations Manager at Unbabel. Get to know how he connects data to business outcomes to drive revenue growth.
  • Not So Dark & Whaly Customer Story - Read how we’re helping Not So Dark track the performance of their food brands and implement a data-driven culture. This is a story of impressive data adoption, and how self-service capabilities make business teams more autonomous.
  • Looker vs. Whaly - Whaly is an alternative to Looker. If you’re evaluating BI tools and wondering which is right for you, check out our comparison.

If you have any topics that you'd like to see covered, please feel free to reach out! We're always open to new ideas that you would find valuable:

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