Integrated with your stack

Whatever your ETL, data warehouse or transformation layer is, we integrate nicely with it.
Integrated with your stack
Sync your sources into Whaly
We are integrated with your whole company stack, and we add new sources periodically. Please reach out to us if your source is missing.

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Connect your own data warehouse
You can use Whaly managed data warehouse or bring your own data warehouse depending on your needs. We are integrated with the major cloud data warehouse.

dbt integration
Two way sync with dbt
Seemlessly import your models from dbt. Whaly generates tables and relationships based on your dbt models.

Keep exposures up to date by exporting all dashboards created in Whaly.
Two way sync with dbt
Boost trust in your data
Communicate your test results or column definition to data analysts without asking them to log in to a different tool.

Use Whaly to keep your tables & column documentation up to date.
Boost trust in your data
Edouard Mascre
We leveraged Whaly on the Sales team to build and share dashboards with ton of partners without having to continuously update things on many spreadsheets. It also gives us deeper insights on sales activity. The dashboards built can be shared with everyone in the company. Whaly saves us hours of data wrangling every day.
Edouard Mascré
Co-Founder @ Pennylane
Benjamin Cambier
Mansa grew really fast in the past months and we were in urge of more precise metrics, especially for acquisition and deals analysis. Our engineering team was already swamped so we started our data analysis with Whaly. We compute our CAC per acquisition channel and understood at what stage the pipeline is under performing in minutes.
Benjamin CAMBIER
Co-Founder @ Mansa