Dashboards you’ll ❤️
Create unique experiences for you and your teams with data you trust
All you business metrics in one place
Centralize all your business metrics with a common definition in a single source of truth.

Access them through tailor made dashboards specifically designed for your needs.
Never miss a beat
Create custom alerts on your metrics to be aware when things go sideways.

Deliver your metrics right where it matters instead of having to check your dashboards constantly.
Set & follow your team objectives
Set up objectives for your teammates and celebrate achievements. Push celebratory messages in slack or email to make it collaborative.

Put data at work and use it to pilot your team.
We leveraged Whaly on the Sales team to build and share dashboards with ton of partners without having to continuously update things on many spreadsheets. It also gives us deeper insights on sales activity. The dashboards built can be shared with everyone in the company. Whaly saves us hours of data wrangling every day.
Edouard Mascré
Co-Founder @ Pennylane
Mansa grew really fast in the past months and we were in urge of more precise metrics, especially for acquisition and deals analysis. Our engineering team was already swamped so we started our data analysis with Whaly. We compute our CAC per acquisition channel and understood at what stage the pipeline is under performing in minutes.
Benjamin CAMBIER
Co-Founder @ Mansa