How to calculate SaaS Revenue in Google Sheets

Make the most of your Google Sheets data

What is SaaS Revenue ?

SaaS Revenue is recognized once the service is provided or delivered during the duration of the subscription. How and when revenue is recognized is defined by GAAP.

What is Google Sheets ?

Google Sheets makes your data pop with a powerful spreadsheet editor. Built-in formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting options save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks. All for free.

How to calculate SaaS Revenue in Google Sheets ?

It can be difficult to calculate SaaS Revenue directly inside of Google Sheets; that's where Whaly comes in.

Whaly helps you build models on top of Google Sheets and many other solutions. You simply connect Whaly to your Google Sheets account, and then you can create your formula in Whaly to calculate your SaaS Revenue.

How does Whaly work ?

Access all your data
No more manual import or stale data. Whaly automatically updates your data and is integrated to the tool you use to give you the most flexibility.
Build metrics like a pro
Use our state of the art studio to access your data, prepare your reports by cleaning and formatting your data. Combine your different sources to explore your data in a way you never had before.
Build your metrics
Visualize your data
Whaly offers best in class data visualization capabilities.
Visualize your data
Edouard Mascre
We leveraged Whaly on the Sales team to build and share dashboards with ton of partners without having to continuously update things on many spreadsheets. It also gives us deeper insights on sales activity. The dashboards built can be shared with everyone in the company. Whaly saves us hours of data wrangling every day.
Edouard Mascré
Co-Founder @ Pennylane
Benjamin Cambier
Mansa grew really fast in the past months and we were in urge of more precise metrics, especially for acquisition and deals analysis. Our engineering team was already swamped so we started our data analysis with Whaly. We compute our CAC per acquisition channel and understood at what stage the pipeline is under performing in minutes.
Benjamin CAMBIER
Co-Founder @ Mansa