Changelog March 2023

What's Up at Whaly over the past couple months. Read our March 2023 Product Newsletter.

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Changelog March 2023

🐳 What's Up at Whaly - Product 🐳

Happy spring and longer days of sunlight! ☀️ we've been busy working on some exciting new features that enhance your BI projects through customization, access control, and speed. Check them out in this month's ProductNewsletter:

👯 Partner Portals

Create a branded, bespoke experience for all your business partners (customers, partners, investors, and more) in a few clicks. You can customize your Portals to provide a tailor-made experience to each of your partners.

  • Customize the login page and the homepage of each Portal
  • Put a dedicated user management system in place for each Portal so you can control what your partners can see

Showcase your brand and maximize its impact by applying it throughout your partner journey!

👉 Read the Portals Documentation

👀 Row-Level Access Control

We’ve just released User Attributes, which allow for personalized experiences for Whaly users. These attributes are defined by Whaly administrators and can be applied to individual users.

With User Attributes, you can now control which users can see what data in dashboards or even explorations. Give each user a personalized view by only allowing them to see the data they’re supposed to see.

👉 Read User Attributes Documentation

🏁 Persistence Engine

Complex and heavy modeling can lead to longer load times for reports. This is because your warehouse takes time to process the queries. Nobody wants that…which is why we’ve released Persistence Engine. You can now speed up load times by persisting them into your warehouse!

Our Persistence Engine will compute the lineage of your models and write its results in your warehouse, which means future queries will be done on top of these materialization results.

👉 Read Persistence Engine Documentation

🧡 dbt Integration

Import your modeled data from dbt using our dbt Cloud <> Whaly integration.

This allows analytics and analytics engineers to work hand-in-hand on the BI side of things, as well as gives them the ability to warn users of any potential staleness issues from the dashboard directly. Stay tuned for the upcoming dbt Core integration!

👉 Read Model Sync documentation

👉 Read dbt x Whaly blog post

✨ Other Improvements

  • New Chart Types: Stacked area chart, Stacked bar chart
  • Dashboard Improvements: Customize colors from your dashboards and re-order your filters to improve customer experience
  • Our BigQuery integration now supports Multiple projects - Use multiple Google Cloud projects to better organize your BigQuery Data Warehouse.  Whaly now can connect to all your projects.

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Thousands of users rely on Whaly every day to monitor and improve their revenue. Join them now!

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