New Product Feature: Introducing User Attributes

Introducing a new product feature on Whaly: User Attributes. Control who can see and do what for improved security, personalization, and scalability.

New Product Feature: Introducing User Attributes

Not all data is meant for everyone! If you work in Marketing, you probably don’t need the full deep-dive of product analytics data. If you’re not part of the HR department, you probably don’t need (and shouldn’t see) a dashboard of new hires and their salaries. Businesses with teams in different departments or regions may need to restrict access to certain data based on the location or job function of each user.

We’ve just launched a new feature called User Attributes. This feature allows Whaly administrators to define personalized attributes for individual users. With User Attributes, businesses can now control which users can see what data in dashboards or even explorations, giving each user a personalized view by only allowing them to see the data they are supposed to see.

As every company strives to become data-driven, it’s become increasingly important for all users in the company to access, explore, and learn from company data. However, this needs to be done in a controlled way, as it’s important to ensure that sensitive data is only accessed by authorized personnel. User Attributes allow our customers to achieve this by creating personalized experiences for each user, by ID and email address. By defining attributes for individual users, Whaly administrators can control who has access to what data, ensuring that only the right employees personnel can view certain information.

There are plenty of benefits of User Attributes:

  • Improved Security and Compliance: it enables businesses to safeguard sensitive data and ensures that only authorized personnel can view it. This reduces the risk of data breaches and is general best practice for security and governance reasons. It also helps companies stay compliant with certifications like GDPR, SOC II, and CCPA.
  • Personalized Experiences for Each User: Moreover, it allows businesses to create personalized experiences for each user, increasing productivity and efficiency by providing them with only the data that they need to perform their job functions.
  • Scalability in Rolling Out a Data Culture: This allows for companies to scale their data culture and get more people on board with data. Having strong governance features in place to control who can see what means more people can be onboarded onto the BI platform for autonomous data access and exploration, without hesitation.

Whaly's User Attributes feature is a valuable addition to the platform, enabling businesses to control access to sensitive data and create personalized experiences for each user. As businesses continue to rely on data for decision making, it's important to ensure that only authorized employees can access certain information. User Attributes makes this easy, ensuring that data is secure, and that each user has access to the data they need to perform in their jobs.

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