Keboola & Whaly: Getting You From Raw Data to Insights Faster

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Keboola! Read about how together, we can help you get from raw data to insights faster.

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Keboola & Whaly: Getting You From Raw Data to Insights Faster

Is your business growing to the point where it’s critical to start learning from your data? It’s no easy feat figuring out where to start, especially if you don’t have a data team or the resources to hire one. While we all know that data has become the lifeblood of businesses, providing valuable insights that fuel decision-making and growth, getting started on the data journey is easier said than done.

The Challenge: Overcoming the complexity of starting a data project

Data availability is at an all-time high - it’s here, there, everywhere, collected in our various source systems - but how do you go about combining data from fragmenting sources and answering your mission-critical business questions? When one-off spreadsheets become too painful, it’s vital to set up a scalable data foundation from which you can analyze and uncover insights from live, accurate data.

If you’re familiar with the data process, you’ve probably seen that it’s roughly 7 steps long, including:

1.Data Sources
2. Data Integration (ETL)
3. Data Storage
4. Data Transformation
5. Data Modeling & Analysis
6. Distribution
7. Insights/Action

In order to achieve these steps, the Modern Data Stack has become the de facto means by which people tackle each step of this process. However, it requires a complex combination of separate software tools that you have to individually select, configure, and integrate to run in an efficient process.

So, as a fast-growing business without an army of internal data folks, how do you set up your tool stack and figure out what to do?

That’s where Keboola and Whaly come in.

Making the process seamless: Keboola & Whaly's partnership

We’re excited to announce a new partnership, with the firm belief that together, we can help businesses take the first steps in their data journey and put a proper data set-up in place, at a fraction of the time and cost.

We believe that the data process should be more seamless and less complex. You shouldn’t need 6-7 tools, 2 should be absolutely sufficient - and ones that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Since data-driven decisions are vital to every business, there should be a simpler way to get through the entire data process, and go from raw data to insight much faster.

Keboola is a solution that sets up your data infrastructure and manages your data operations all from one platform, essentially tackling steps 1-4 in the data process above. It handles the integration of your data sources into a warehouse, and helps transform your data for analytics. With Keboola, there’s no need to cherry pick separate tools for ETL, and storage, transformation – you can do it all in Keboola. This unlocks massive productivity gains and saves you hours of time and effort.

Next, Whaly comes in as your self-service BI platform. Once your data has undergone transformation in Keboola, you can sync your data into Whaly. Whaly’s Workbench allows you to model data in either SQL or our visual option, while our Workspace enables anyone in the organization to visualize data and create dashboards and reports. Our Workspace is our self-service layer in which non-technical business users can autonomously answer their own questions and run their own queries. Not only does it take you through the rest of the process to Insights & Action - it goes a step further by enabling mass adoption of data across the organization, laying the groundwork for a data-driven culture at your organization.

Start your data journey today with Keboola and Whaly

Keboola & Whaly are perfectly complementary in its solutions, offering you the full range of everything you need to get started with your data projects. By trying out Keboola + Whaly together as a package deal, you can seamlessly get started on your data journey and implement a scalable foundation for analytics. With just 2 robust solutions, we’ve got you covered every step of the way in your data process - from data sources to insights.

We know that as a fast-scaling company, you probably needed insights yesterday, so what are you waiting for?

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