How to calculate MRR (monthly recurring revenue) in Facebook Ads

Make the most of your Facebook Ads data

What is MRR (monthly recurring revenue) ?

Often, people will multiply one month’s all-in bookings by 12 to get to ARR. Common mistakes with this method include, counting non-recurring fees such as hardware, setup, installation, professional services/ consulting agreements and counting bookings.

What is Facebook Ads ?

Facebook ads is the most well known advertising platform. Create and run campaigns using simple self-service tools, and track their performance with easy-to-read reports. More than two billion people use Facebook every month – so no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you'll find them here. You don't have to be an expert to start advertising on Facebook

How to calculate MRR (monthly recurring revenue) in Facebook Ads ?

It can be difficult to calculate MRR (monthly recurring revenue) directly inside of Facebook Ads; that's where Whaly comes in.

Whaly helps you build models on top of Facebook Ads and many other solutions. You simply connect Whaly to your Facebook Ads account, and then you can create your formula in Whaly to calculate your MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

How does Whaly work ?

From visualization to value - fast
With our self service exploration features, your business teams can answer their own data questions and play with the data in a safe, customizable way. This maximizes adoption across the business, turning data into valuable, actionable insights in record time.
Visualize your data
Scalable modeling
Prepare raw data from different sources and model them into data sets in a way that can be easily maintained and governed as you scale. Our advanced modeling capabilities allow your non-technical business teams to be part of the process, boosting collaboration and adoption.
Build your metrics
Whaly is already connected to your existing tools, so accessing the latest data is never an issue. No need for a separate ETL - it’s included in our platform, so you’re all set. With Whaly, updates are always made in real-time, so say goodbye to manual imports.
Benoit Prigent
Benoit Prigent
Co Founder / CPO @ Lokki
Whaly helped us create metrics on top of 6 data sources in a matter of days instead of months without technical knowledge required !!
Edouard Mascré
Edouard Mascré
Co Founder @ Pennylane
We leveraged Whaly on the Sales team to build and share dashboards with ton of partners without having to continuously update things on many spreadsheets. It also gives us deeper insights on sales activity. The dashboards built can be shared with everyone in the company. Whaly saves us hours of data wrangling every day.
Benjamin Cambier
Benjamin Cambier
Co Founder @ Mansa
Mansa grew really fast in the past months and we were in urge of more precise metrics, especially for acquisition and deals analysis. Our engineering team was already swamped so we started our data analysis with Whaly. We compute our CAC per acquisition channel and understood at what stage the pipeline is under performing in minutes.
Quentin Lebret
Quentin Lebret
VP Operations @ Klox
Whaly gave us the tools to understand how our users consume our product and helped us create a better experience for our users.
Julio Cesar Rodriguez
Julio Cesar Rodriguez
Operation Automation Specialist @ Career Karma
Whaly helped us create actionable experience for our SDR based on data our data team has prepped for us in dbt.
Hugo Cornu
Hugo Cornu
Head of Growth @ Klox
Whaly helped us transform the way we work with data. We now back all our decision with data and can make informed decisions at any time