New Product Feature: Introducing Models Sync

Introducing a new product feature on Whaly: Models Sync. Streamline your modeling by syncing from other solutions, and surface issues to data consumers faster.

New Product Feature: Introducing Models Sync

No one likes repeat work or wasting time, but these inefficiencies are especially problematic in data because business decision-making is extremely time-sensitive. Whaly offers an integrated lightweight modeling layer that can be seen as “conflicting” with other solutions in the data stack, such as dbt, Keboola, and Dataform. If you already use these other tools, we wanted to help streamline your efforts across both tools by integrating them, so your models can seamlessly sync into Whaly in seconds. Our new Model Sync feature means no more repeated work or conflicting models, and just one smooth, efficient process.

This new feature enables Whaly users to import Models managed by external solutions. With our integration, you can now import a wide range of information around the models:

  • Model Documentation Import
  • Source freshness checks imports
  • Models test results
  • Lineage imports

Plus, our integrations also ensure that the metadata that was produced in the modeling layer can be surfaced to data consumers who are exploring Whaly data in our Workspace. By making this information available in Whaly, stakeholders can build trust and confidence in the data presented in the produced dashboards. In addition, important occurrences such as pipeline failures can be communicated through warnings in the dashboards, allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues.

This synchronization between the modeling layer and your BI platform (Whaly) is very helpful when a pipeline or dashboard breaks. Let’s take a look at these two scenarios:

  • A dashboard breaks and an analyst is asked to have a look. Having all the modeling information available in Whaly will help them understand the issue without having to go back and forth between Whaly and the modeling system. This speeds up the process of resolving the issue and ensures that the dashboard is back up and running as soon as possible.
  • When a pipeline breaks (source sync is late or a data test has failed), our model sync feature will automatically alert your data consumers in their dashboards and charts that something is wrong, and to not trust the data they see in front of them. This immediate transparency and active alert will prevent them from making inaccurate, bad business decisions that are based on broken metrics and KPIs - which could be detrimental to the business.

By driving efficiencies and reducing repeat work, our new Models Sync feature allows you to keep using the tools you’re already using in your data stack, but ensure that they’re in your BI platform, which is the only way they can be surfaced to data consumers. This way, everyone can be kept informed on staleness issues and ensure that their decision-making is always based on accurate and up-to-date information.

👉 Check out our Models Sync documentation here

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